The Merry Cemetery and the Communism Memorial

This past weekend we went to Sighetu-Marmatiei for a wedding and we had a little bit of time to visit (for lack of a better word) tourist attractions. We celebrated the lives of loved ones lost at a cemetery, and we mourned the lives thrown away without respect at the memorial. This is Cimitirul Vesele … Continue reading The Merry Cemetery and the Communism Memorial


Viewing 2016 from 2017

This time last year, we had just arrived in the States for our first visit back after living in Romania for 2 years.  We were so excited to share what God had taught us, what He was bringing us through, and our excitement to continue in Romania. We were trying to explain how God had … Continue reading Viewing 2016 from 2017


We are blessed to have spent the last 3 months in the States with such wonderful family and friends. We traveled through Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Cheraw, D.C., Los Angeles, Waco, New Orleans, Savannah, and more. We had fun trying yummy foods, driving for the first time in 2 years, the beach, Disneyland for the 1st … Continue reading #Blessed