Meet the New Member of the Family

We have a new addition to our family!

Sorry for the blurry pic.

This is our fish, BIV Cardell! Fuller doesn’t allow pets with fur (that is how it is stated in the lease), so we got one with fins. Many have asked “what does BIV stand for?”. First, I have to tell you a story. BIV is replacing a long time pet, my beta, Azul.  “Azul” is spanish for blue.  Azul was bought my freshman year of college, where I had several spanish-speaking suitemates.  Thus we named him accordingly.  Azul lived for 3 years and in 4 different homes. In keeping with the spirit of Azul, we decided on BIV.  Now think back to first grade, there was an acronym for a rainbow, ROYGBIV. BIV, the fish, has the colors blue, indigo, and violet and so it seemed the perfect name.  We are excited to have our new friend on our mantle!

We have most of the house completed.  The house is the perfect size but it takes a lot of time to figure out how best to use the space we have.  I took some pictures of the clean parts of the house for you to see. Also, I am looking for ideas for climbing vines for the front porch. Please let me know if you have any ideas that are easy to take care of and do well in a lot of sun.

One side of the Kitchen

The other half of the kitchen.

My martisor from our friend Leli in Timi. They give these to one another on women's day.
This is the outlet for the washer. On the ceiling?
Looking at the living room from the dining room.
Looking from the front door.
Jeff's desk area, not quite done.
The bedroom.
Enjoying dinner in our new house!

Now that the house is getting under control, I am working on the changing of documents.  Today we tackled the DMV.  It was not too crowded but we had to go to several different desks and take a written test again. Thankfully I passed and my California license with my new name should be coming soon.

I have to admit, during this process of trying to figure out the laws here, the correct documents, and getting use the lifestyle changes, I have not always had the best of attitudes.  I heard myself say things like, “I can’t believe we moved out here,” or thinking “it would have been easier if we stayed in Georgia.”  Although, as I was thinking this on the way to the DMV, God reminded me of the Israelites. They were so unsatisfied with the process that they longed for Egypt, rather than pushing through and obeying God in order to get to the land of milk and honey. Now, I am not comparing Georgia to Egypt or the DMV to the desert, but I was reminded of God’s promises to us and that He is always faithful. We know why we are here and that this time is needed for the process to be complete.  This move was divinely organized and as we prepare to go into missions our next move will be too!

Speaking of school, we started orientation week tonight with a live jazz band and dessert and coffee on campus.  We are excited to meet more students and get ready for campus. Also, thank you if you gave us amazon gift cards because they were greatly appreciated when buying textbooks this week. We will update you on orientation week and starting classes soon.


6 thoughts on “Meet the New Member of the Family

  1. Kenneth Brown

    Jeff and Lauren,
    Everything looks great. Lauren that was a powerful illustration about the Israelites longing for Egypt. I’m excited you are making your new home together. There will be those times of missing the familiar but use those times to become more familiar with God and each other. Talk often about what you are learning but more than that keep sharing your hearts with each other. LOve you both.

  2. Mom

    Everything looks amazing! You did a great job turning a house into a home. 🙂 I like how you arranged the pictures and your painting by the front door. BIV is so pretty! I bet he likes his home and looking out from the mantle. Great place for him. Love you both! Mom

  3. Gangy & Pa

    Hi you two, the house looks so cute. You have done a good job arranging your rooms. We miss you and love you both. Lauren you ask about climing flowers. I have Clematis (you can get in a lot of different colors) also Carolina Jessamine which is what I have on the tall bird feeder out back. It has a yellow bloom & Jessamine smells great. Pa & i love reading your blog & seeing what you have done to your home. The time you are sharing now will be such precious memories later on.
    Love you! Gangy & Pa

  4. Hi Lauren,
    You guys have such a lovely home!
    I wish I had known sooner about this blog, I feel bad about not having/finding enough time to find out sooner about it, because I’ve been scrolling through and reading a few posts, and I have to say that I love how you two share your learning and growing together with the loved ones, friends and the world, so everybody can benefit too from the lessons life and God teach you.
    I feel close/closer to you, although I only got to know Jeff personally, when he was a missionary back in Timisoara. I sure hope we will get the chance to meet and get to know each other, not only because you are Jeff’s wife, but because I can sense, from the way you write, that you too, are a very lovely person!
    I know, from Jeff, that you and him prayed for me these days, for witch I thank you so very much, because it helped me very much.
    I have to say one more thing, that I am very pleased that my creations get to be on display in your lovely home! thank you for liking them (the martisor and “Ilay, the rabbit” engraving). I feel like I am there, somehow, as a guest 🙂

    Leli (Aurelia or Lia), from Timi

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