The Fantastic Events of January

Here is an update for January! Sorry it has been so long! I thought I would share some pictures with you for this month.

The only picture I took of us over Christmas.
We received the most amazing Romanian box of goodies for Christmas! Thank You friends!

We were able to go to the Rose Parade! Mom and I always thought that the streets of Pasadena would smell wonderful from all of the flowers, but … people, porta pottys, horses, …um, it really stinks for the day. But it was a lot of fun! I think the best part was watching all of the different cultures around us enjoy the parade.

Watching the Parade!

The played lady gaga and did the was a little scary when they ran at the crowd.

I didn't know they were still popular.

Planes were writing Happy New Year 2012 in the sky!
I liked this one alot.
This one was really pretty.

The crowd across the street!
This one was cool too.

I love the guy texting.

Here are some pictures from around Pasadena and LA.

We had a lovely sunset the other day.
The only glimpse of the Hollywood sign I have gotten so far.
This is the high school where our church Reality LA meets!
On the way home we also pass the Self-Realization Fellowship church.
And right beside it is this church. Can you guess what it is?
The blue building is the Scientology church.

This past Saturday we took a retreat to Santa Monica for a technology fast and to pray about organizations, school, work, and Romania. It was a great time for us! And as the sun set over the amazing ocean we saw several dolphins feeding near shore.

Bridge over the highway to the pier.
We took a retreat to Santa Monica!
On the Pier! We had a great day together!
We went on the famous Ferris Wheel.
Enjoying the view.
Some of the other rides at the pier.
I love an 80 degree day at the beach in January.
Another view from the top.

This is the gyro. I almost lost it just watching it.
The gyro upside down.
Santa Monica Ferris Wheel.

We ate at Bubba Gump's for lunch! We even played a game about the movie for ice cream!
Some great fresh seafood!
The Cirque Du Soleil was set up by the pier.
Their big top tent.
They had this crazy garden set up outside the tent.
Awesome beach houses!

We also received some updates in the house!

We had damage to our roof from the windstorm in December and they just fixed it last week. I found out this screen is a hole to the roof.
We found this out through a messy/dirty cabinet.
Our new roof!
We also received a new stove!
This may seem like a stupid picture but I cannot tell you how excited we were to have numbers on the oven dial. We had to guess on the old one.
And the new refrigerator with all our friends lovely cards and announcements!

Nothing much else new with us. Jeff is half way done with this quarter and I am still working with my kids! We have created a statement of faith document and questions that we have sent off to another organization after much prayer. We also want to say congratulations to ALL of our friends with engagements, weddings, and babies! We are so excited for you and sad we can’t be there to celebrate with you. It is such an exciting time in everyone’s lives! This month we celebrate our 6 month anniversary!

Love y’all!

Jeff and Lauren

3 thoughts on “The Fantastic Events of January

  1. Mom Brown

    Thanks for all pictures! It looks like you are getting to enjoy the area and I am so happy for you! Love the new appliances and roof. It really is the little things that make us happy. 🙂 Love you both!

  2. Gangy & Pa

    Much love to you both. We miss you so much. Pa & I looked at the pictures and they are great. I looks like the weather was great for your day to the beach. Looking forward to your next blog.

    Love Ya!

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