Where did October go?

Hi everyone,

We have had so much fun this month but it has flown by. Jeff is in the busy time of the quarter with papers and presentations. He has been even busier with meetings and events for his job, but it has been fun and exciting to watch him plan events and grow as a leader. The awesome part of his job is getting to know amazing students who have passions for countries all over the world, however, the challenging part has been figuring out how to reimburse receipts.

I am still looking for more work and I have a few interviews coming up with families. However, the Lord has been providing through random connections with families and babysitting jobs. Praise the Lord! A stable, full time job is not where the Lord has me right now, and I am (still) learning to be ok with that. My emotions flux day-to-day about the job situation. It has been harder to find something, since we will only be here in California 8 more months, but the exciting flip-side to that is we will be going to Romania in about 10 months!

Also, we just sent out our second newsletter, which explains more of what we feel called to help with in Romania. If you didn’t get it and want to, you can sign up on the right-hand side of the page. We are so blessed by all of you that have already given financially and those who have asked to be part of our prayer team. We had an exciting conversation this morning about the possibility of team members and how they will be involved. We are also discussing which cross-cultural training program works best for us, and budget, and schedule. Details are starting to move along! We have enjoyed looking at apartments in Romania posted online. It is too early to get anything, and we won’t be doing it online, but we are having fun dreaming!

Through all of the craziness of life, we have had a lot of fun this month!

At the beginning of the month, we had the honor of celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with friends!

Our Canadian Thanksgiving!
The wonderful Canadian flag cake.

We also found a groupon to rent bikes in Venice beach! We haven’t ridden bikes in years!

Ridding bikes along the beach!
Another view of the beach!
We rode up to Santa Monica and then we stopped a little further to enjoy the weather.
Fish Tacos and a really cute guy!
Our cool bikes.

After we returned the bikes, we had to stop for a funnel cake! The obvious choice after a long bike ride.
We also saw U.S. mounties. …kind of.

We also enjoyed Pasadena Art Night again this October. We went to a gallery opening titled “Pages.” Art and a gallery about books and the art of words, some of my favorite things!

One of the art pieces at the show.
Jeff enjoying the gallery.

“To exist merely to exist is stupidity. To exist to make art is a pretty grand act.” Bella Lewitzky

Then we had a yummy dinner at Olive Garden.
My handsome husband enjoying dinner.

And this week we carved some pumpkins! My sweet little boy, who I care for part of the week, didn’t really like pumpkin carving. It was too squishy for him.

My sweet Mr. Z trying to put the goo of the pumpkin back into pumpkin.

Last night, Jeff and I had a great date carving pumpkins and passing out candy.

Picking out Pumpkins at the pumpkin patch.
I made stuffed peppers for dinner too!
Carving pumpkins
Our two carved pumpkins. Jeff’s says Joy and I tried to do the wonder woman symbol.
Happy Halloween!

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