A very special Lady

You know when you have gotten bad news, but it is so easy to think about everything else and not face it….I have been doing that all day.

This morning my great grandmother, Gigi, passed away. She was 88 and fighting cancer and Alzheimer’s. But that is not my Gigi.

My Gigi was a very spunky lady!

She seemed to never stop. She loved each one of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. She loved the Lord. She loved a cute pair of shoes. She loved playing bunko at her senior center. She taught me how to make her secret chocolate pie. I recently found out she painted.

I want to be like her. To never stop enjoying life.

I am so blessed to have known her.

As I write this and process it all, I am sad that I can’t spend more precious time with her. I am thankful that Jeff was able to meet her and get to know her too. I am thankful that we were able to see her a week ago. At our visit is was apparent it wouldn’t be much longer, but it was nice to enjoy family at Easter since we can’t be with them now. As crazy as this sounds, I was fortunate to know six of my great grandparents! It is hard not to mourn all of their losses now, as Gigi was the very last one still alive. It is comforting to know she is with the Lord, healed, and praising her Savior.

What a blessing is was to know my Gigi.

Gigi and I


*Thanks for letting me process. I will update you all on our week in Georgia soon.

6 thoughts on “A very special Lady

  1. Kim King


    I loved reading your tribute to GiGi and I’m sure she is loving all the attention from up in heaven. I take great comfort in knowing that one day I will not just see her but all of my wonderful grandparents, friends and family that have passed before me. Love you and enjoyed spending time with you and Jeff this past week.

    Aunt Kim

  2. Gangy

    Lauren, I have just taken time to sit down and catch up with e-mails & your blog. The piece you wrote about Mom was just beautiful. You expressed it so well. She loved and admired you sooooo much. When I would pull up your blog she would read it and look at all the pictures. She did that untill she had to stay at Aunt Bev’s. You are so precious to all of us and it was great to see you Easter. Your being there with Jeff helped to make the day SPECIAL. We had all 10 of our grandchildren with us and 1 grandson-in-law. From this day on he will just be number 11 (if that’s OK with him.
    Love you both,
    Gangy & Pa

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