God’s Blessing of Time with Family

God has blessed us by providing a way to spend time with family members that we haven’t seen in a long time, and who are now spread out over several states. On our way to Georgia, from CA, we were blessed to be able to lay over in Houston and visit Jeff’s sister and bother-in-love. At the end of July we took a trip to North Carolina to visit Jeff’s Aunt Gi and Uncle Bill, cousins Taylor and Stephanie, baby Winnie and grandparents. We had a great time visiting them and sharing old memories together. We were also blessed that our training program is 30 minutes [which is purely a God thing] from family that Jeff has not seen in a while, and some cousins I had yet to meet. We enjoyed the weekend with cousins Michelle, Chris, and Cierra, and Aunt Cathy and Uncle George. We went to God’s Garden on Saturday morning and swing dancing on Saturday night. We had a blast learning some new moves that we can practice in the kitchen. (We like to dance in the kitchen!)

We are heading to our training camp this afternoon and we are excited to meet the other missionaries who we will be spending the next month with. At training we will learn how to learn a language quickly and efficiently, what our cultural triggers are that might prove to be a challenge, how to cope with cultural differences, work on communication between Jeff and I, and how to be good cultural learners. We will let you know how its going and update yall from training. We will have phone and internet access, so keep in touch. We are 2 hours behind GA and 1 hr ahead of CA.

Here are some fun times from our trips.


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