Adjusting expectations to reality

Hey everyone,

Sorry it has been so long since we last posted. I had been holding out hope way too long that the next post would be a “we got our tickets” post, but….. not yet.

In training we discussed “twangs” and how we have to continue to adjust our expectations closer to reality, and then the “twang” of the difference of the two won’t be felt so hard. Writing this next post is part of the process of moving my expectation that we should be there already to the not yet. Another adjustment of expectations I are making is that it will be cold when we arrive. I had hoped to be in Romania before the cold came, so that it would be easier to get to know the city and people in it. I also hoped that it would be not close to the holidays so that it wouldn’t be as hard to say goodbye to family, yet, that is not how it is happening.


It is hard to adjust your expectations, desires, ideal situation and it hurts a lot when you don’t. As a type A personality, I often find it hard to let the plan for the day be completely derailed, much less for a season. Save the “as a missionary you have to be flexible” speech…God made me who I am for a reason and is working on me simultaneously too.  I know that, I see that.

However, I am continually reminded that God is good and His timing is perfect. So today, I write a post…adjust my expectations, and tell you we will be leaving soon…just not yet. We will wait on His timing…His green light…with eager childlike anticipation and with flexibility.  

How is God asking you to be flexible, willing, open, ready with anticipation for something new in a childlike way?


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