when a team comes…

When a team comes …it is the most exhausting week ever. But we were so glad to have seen friends and family for a week.

The team continued to work on a house in progress and decorate 2 children’s rooms, they put on a VBS for a local church in a village near-by, they had a 1 day seminar about marriage and singleness, as well they spent time with friends they get to see once a year.

It was exciting to help alongside and work with both our Romanian and American family here!  We tried to help in the translating, and by the Holy Spirit we think we got some of it right. We also had a day alone with our family (Jef’f”s parents) to show them our “everyday” life here, which was so much fun!

Here are pictures from the week. (If you click on the picture, you can see it bigger.)

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