3 years…Already?….Only?

3 years of marriage

So exciting and so much fun! I think I say this every year, but how can it already be 3 years, and all in the same, it really has only been 3 years?

Tell me how you really feel about marriage? 😉

We celebrated on Wednesday with a day to ourselves in the city. We started the day off with a morning workout. You make think this is crazy, but we just started the couch to 5K program. It is a true sign of commitment when your spouse is willing to get up early to work out with you on your anniversary. We had fun in the kitchen making Chinese steam buns for lunch and went to see the Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D afterwards. We loved the movie and all of the American pop culture references, although not as many laughs from the Romanian movie goers. After the movie, we treated ourselves with some Starbucks and walked around the park before dinner. For dinner, Jeff took me to the restaurant were we ate before he proposed to me. We ate on the terrace, on the roof of the restaurant, and watched the sun set over the square. It is fun to live in a city with so many special memories for us.

This past year has been filled with large steps of faith. We were talking about the last year at dinner and trying to think of a theme for the year and what we have learned. We agreed that with all of the huge changes in our lives this past year, our theme would have to be practicing how to support one another.

Year one was learning how to fight  communicate and the unique things you find out about someone when living together. Year two was learning how to appreciate the quirkiness of each other and how we process ideas, situations, etc differently. This year we have been able to practice supporting each other as things of familiarity were left behind.

They say moving to another culture will enhance problems, and magnify struggles. We experience changes differently and react to them differently, but we have had to be very in-tune with one another during this process. For example, my introverted-ness has amplified as I get worn-out from being around people here quicker, and Jeff has practiced how to support me in the times when I need rest and how to encourage me to step past my comfort zone. We have to be aware when things outside of our marriage wear on us, not to bring them in, but to address it together.

I am not saying we got it right all the time, but it is so very nice to have a best friend who will support, encourage, and empathize with you. And when you melt down, fall apart, or are un-supportive of the other person, they will still love you in the midst of it.

We are excited to see what year 4 will teach us and how we will grow…


2 thoughts on “3 years…Already?….Only?

  1. Kenneth

    Jeff and Lauren, we are proud of you both and the maturity you demonstrate. As you travel your journey may you learn more of each other’s love and continue to experience all of God’s grace. We love you. Mom & Dad

  2. Donald Taylor

    Happy Anniversary!!! 3 years will turn into 30 before you know it. Glad that you are working on making it last. Love your write ups. Thanks for including us. Keep up the good work on your life together and for the Lord. God Bless. Love, Don and Nancy Taylor

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