Road Trip

We loved seeing everyone at the wedding! We are back from Jamaica and such a fun time. We were able to relax and rest. But on Thursday we went zip lining on a canopy tour through the jungle in Jamaica. It was awesome and such a fun adventure! We got home on Friday night and finished packing the car on Saturday. We said our sad “see you later”s to our parents and squished ourselves into the car. We attended Buckhead Church and then headed straight to Memphis. We are here tonight at a hotel, thanks to the Parsons Family for a gift card. We are making the difficult decisions about where to stay for the rest of the nights now. To camp in 100 degree weather or to get a cabin?….That is the question. We may not be tent camping as much as we thought.  Jeff did a great job driving  today and we should be driving 7-8 hours a day.  Hopefully we can find internet along the way and keep you posted.

Miss you!


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