Absolutely Nothing….

There is NOTHING on I-40! Let me recap for you the lovely scenery from Memphis to El Reno (an hour outside of OK City).  We saw trees, fields, red barns, construction, cows, a few lakes, casinos,….and more shrubs.  We left Memphis about 9am but didn’t get to I-40 until 9:30am because we stopped in the ghetto to get batteries for the camera (I had to take pictures for y’all).  We finally arrived in Oklahoma City around 7pm and had dinner.

We ate at the Bourbon Street Cafe for dinner in Bricktown.  It was very cute with lots of charm.  The waiter said today was a cooler day, at 98 degrees, because the last 2 weeks it has been 115 degrees.  I decided I wouldn’t mind living in OK City for the charm but not with that heat.

There were only a few incidents today…a Semi blew a tire in front of us but thankfully Jeff saw it happen and we were able to get out of the way.  And then we hit a bird and Jeff had to pull it out of the engine at the next gas stop (I have a gruesome picture of that).

Even though it was boring and quite plain for such a long drive, I do have a highlight to the day.  My absolute favorite part of the day was worshiping in the car with my husband! We put on some Jesus Culture and rocked-out!  Though it seems like there is nothing around, we were able to see the beauty that God has created.  We were able to meet the Creator for some personal time in a cramped car in “the-middle-of-no-where.”  And that is awesome!

Last night we decided to stay at a KOA cabin.  It is small but it has air conditioning and a little bit of electricity.  Tomorrow we are off to Albuquerque!  We will be leaving Oklahoma, going through the top of Texas, and half-way through New Mexico!


One thought on “Absolutely Nothing….

  1. Praising God for your time of worship! That has been my prayer for you both that you see God all around you! Even in the mundane and plain. 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing more!

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