“You make everything glorious”

Well, We have seen two of the seven wonders of the world today.  We were able to have a little excursion today and travel to the Grand Canyon.  But to get there we traveled through the other wonder, the flattest place on Earth…ok, maybe not the flattest.  But it sure felt like it! We found it funny and slightly uneasy when we started passing signs for gas stations over 100 miles away and nothing in between.  We made sure we had gas but there was no bush around in case you needed a restroom.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen either.  Arizona is so flat that we saw the rainstorms about 250 miles out and watched as we slowly approached them.

About the last 20 miles from Flagstaff we started to approach the deep blue shadowy mountains we longed to reach.  After we got settled in our cabin we drove another hour to see the Grand Canyon.  I know many of you eagerly await the day you can visit the Grand Canyon, but I was not so excited to go.  Basically, it is a big hole in the ground! It’s funny though, you drive away from the mountains, back to the middle of know where and wonder if the sign is right.  Then finally you reach the National Park and wonder if you are paying to even see anything.  As we drove farther up the hill I could catch a glimpse of the canyon.  When we reached the 1st outlook we really saw the beauty of it.  It is deep and with smooth edges and more colors than come in the really big box of crayons.  It is glorious in its height, width, depth, and color.  I wish we knew more of what the settlers thought we the came across this place. They were probably so scared when they came to it.  You would never know the Grand Canyon was there by just looking straight ahead until you came to the edge or went to a higher elevation.  We enjoyed the trip and took many pictures, but we didn’t have time to do much more than that.   …Besides, you can only look at a hole for so long before it all looks the same.  When and if we are to visit it again, or if you do, I recommend river rafting or taking a mule ride.  That sounded like fun to me!

Now, we are back in Flagstaff for the night.  We are planning on leaving before the sun is up, if Jeff can get me out of bed in time.  We have a 7 hour drive to Pasadena!  I am so ready to see our home!  We most likely won’t have internet right way, but I will update you and put up pictures when I can.

Thank you for your prayers as we make this journey!


One thought on ““You make everything glorious”

  1. Karen B. Mosteller

    Jeff & Lauren,

    So glad to hear your trip is going well. And you are right about the “flatness” of the southwest … been there/done that … you really don’t want to let your mind wander on what “could” happen. The possibilities might make for an R-rated horror movie. ;0 Anyway, PTL you had no incidents along your journey! Story about the Grand Canyon while Scott & I were living in Europe: I was commenting to a European friend (who’d traveled to the U.S.) about the magnificence of European cathedrals, & the fact that you don’t see such incredible workmanship in the U.S. To which he smiled & replied, “Oh, but you Americans have the Grand Canyon. Now THAT is truly a ‘cathedral’!” Perspective, guys. It’s all in one’s perspective. Godspeed. ❤

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