“Am I suppose to be on this side of the road?”

Hey Guys!

Wow, today has been a fun and exciting day driving wise, we drove on I-40, and then drove some more on I-40. . . stood still on I-40, and oh yeah then drove more on I-40. We are now currently in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but drove through Oklahoma and Texas today! I feel like we are in the west now, not many trees, lots of flat land and lots of HEAT.

Today for lunch, we stopped in Amarillo, Texas. This is exciting because it is the halfway mark for our road trip. I guess this means we ain’t turning back. We ate at Rosa’s Tortilla Factory and it was awesome Mexican food. We watched them make the tortillas right in front of us J We drove for about 2 hours and then got stuck in traffic. A tractor trailer caught on fire, I don’t know if it was hit or not, but after waiting in gridlock for 3 hours straight, we were then able to move and make it to Albuquerque.

Finally, we checked into our cabin, which is very cozy.  I must say it is interesting to be in a log cabin so close to the city, but hey it’s NEW MEXICO!!! It’s the land of Enchantment!

I want to thank you all for continuing to follow us here on the blog.

Have a wonderful night!

One thought on ““Am I suppose to be on this side of the road?”

  1. Karen Mosteller

    LOVE hearing about your adventures! FUN!!! What sights you’re seeing! Drink it all in, for you may never pass this was again. 😉

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