Define Family.

Define Family

“a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not” (according to

Some people define it as their friends, or community that surrounds them and supports them. Then others may describe it as their church…

In our bedroom there is a stain on the hardwood floor. Considering our house was built in the 40s…there are lots of stains, but this one is different. It looks like a tree.  I am in LOVE with it! I wish I could frame it and take it with us when we move, but I think they will notice a hole in the floor. I think part of the reason I love it so much is because this is our first home together.  We are building our roots and foundation right now and “my tree” is such a symbol of that.

I have been thinking of family a lot lately because my great-grandmother, JoJo, passed away about a week ago. Her body had been taken over by the alzheimer’s disease for the past several years.  Her passing was sad, but also rejoice-full because I know she is having a blast with Jesus and dancing with her husband, PaPaw Gordon. The hardest part about this time was not getting to be with all of my family to rejoice in her memories together. I know that we are starting our own life here, and we love that, but there will still be sad times too.

As we continue on in this journey that God is preparing us for, we are getting to see what people define as family.  We were able to see that when we were telling people that we were moving to California, or for heaven’s sake and God willing, Romania.  We have heard…”you must not love your parents very much,” “Why on earth would you want to move so far away from your family,” “California, that’s so far away…but at least it’s not Europe or something” (haha, well at least not yet ;D).  Those who make comments like this regard family as high priority, as do we.  I understand that everyone is in their own spiritual place and has their own calling. We move because God calls us, and sometimes I have to even remind myself of that. It is hard to leave family, and sad at times, but there is a greater family that we are here for.  We are called to help our brothers and sisters in Christ and those who do not know the love of the Father yet.

So I have another definition for us:

Missionary  – to leave ones family, so that others may be with their heavenly Father for eternity.

I pray that our family, friends, and community understands that we love you! And this definition is a reminder why we do what do and go where we God calls.

With Lots of Love,

Lauren and Jeff

5 thoughts on “Define Family.

  1. Kenneth Brown

    We love you so much and even though it is hard not having you close I understand your call. I remember how being away is so hard. You will always be close in my heart. I love you. Dad

  2. Cecilia

    Lauren I can’t imagine loving my family more than I do and I have cried everytime I have moved away from them. Sometimes I cry just saying goodbye after visiting! But I know from exerience that ignoring God’s call so you can stay close to “home” won’t make you happier. You and Jeff have amazing gifts and amazing hearts and God has spectacular plans for your lives and how He will use you both to impact His kingdom. And He knows how much you love your families- He gave them to you! And He will always find ways for you to be together with them, even if you aren’t living next door for the day to day things.

  3. Gangy & Pa

    Hi, sweetheart. You know how much i love you and when I read this it touched my heart to the core. We all missed you & Jeff being with us, but we all understand God’s calling. He called Jo Jo home and she is no longer confined to her earthly body. God is so good. I know in by heart she was ready to go be with the Lord. Yes I will miss seeing her but she brought me such joy while she was here. Family is always there no matter where we live. You and Jeff are so precious to me and we love you very much. Gangy

  4. James Brown

    Very Good! But where do grandparents fit into the definition? Next to God, spouse, and children, YOU, the grandchild, fit into our web of love. Love GrandPa and GrandMa

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