We’re Starting the Search

Hey everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying the fall weather in Georgia. I’m am very jealous right now because we are still hitting 100s to the 80s.  And palm trees don’t change color! Oh well! (sigh)

Jeff is still enjoying classes but has about 2 books to read every week and 3 papers to write.  He is busy but thankfully it’s interesting. I am still looking for work.  I had one interview but haven’t heard anything else from them. I am setting up another interview for a part-time nanny job for this week. God will provide…

We are also starting our search for a mission sending agency.  As you MAY have heard, we are planning to go back to Romania as long term missionaries.  I have read a couple of books on being called to missions and agencies, which has helped a lot. If you are interested, “Ask a Missionary,” edited by John McVay is a really good book. We are sending questions and praying about three specific agencies to go with.  The responses we have received so far are awesome and so encouraging.  We are looking for an organization so that we can have support and encouragement on the field, training, and a community of missionaries.  We are continuing to pray about which one is the best.  We have set a goal to pick one before Christmas so that we can start the process, which is very long for becoming long term missionaries.

Love you guys and please let us know if there is anything we can pray for you about.


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