Where’s the Cheese?

Hi y’all, I hope everyone is enjoying spring and some warm weather!

Well spring break has come to an end for Jeff and the spring quarter started on Monday. The last week of classes and finals time were very stressful and thankfully he made it through, but with a brain full of mush. Because of the stress level, many daily routines and habits change for this week.

How the brain changes:

1. The hilarity of nothing. I love observing Fuller students during finals time because what they find funny during finals is different from the norm and usually not that funny. If you are ever bored, it is a great source of entertainment.

2. The sleep pattern changes for both of us. He was up till 2 or 3 every night, which means I go to bed alone = no sleep for both.

3. The non-coffee drinker becomes an addict. The dinning room was turned into a coffee shop for the entire week and during spring break Jeff has gone through withdrawal.

4. Normal activities, such a making lunch become a blur. I will often find things in random places, such as the oven mit on top of the fridge or the olive oil in the fridge. However, this quarter has set a record for things misplaced, in fact we still have not found this item. Jeff made lunch one day and that night I needed the cheese for dinner. It wasn’t in the fridge and we checked every random spot we could think of….but we are still missing a block of cheese!

Thankfully, this past week Jeff has been able to rest and it seems that his brain is back to normal. This week he is starting his new classes for the quarter. He is taking an intensive on organization development which meets only 3 weekends during the quarter, a psychology class of life development, and a missions class.

In other news, we are starting to volunteer at our church. I will be with the kids ministry and Jeff is starting with the prayer ministry on Sunday. God has truly been teaching us to pray about everything, from the simplest vain request to the we-can’t-handle-this prayer. We have seen it have a positive impact on how we communicate and especially when we are not communicating effectively and becoming frustrated with one another. Jeff is being reminded and learning some wonderful disciplines through the book, Disciplines of a Godly Man, that he is reading with his guys bible study.

We have also spoken with another couple who is thinking about applying with AIM to go to Arad, Romania, which is only a 30 minutes drive from Timisoara. It is exciting to see these connections being made in such a divine way. We are still working on the application but have finished the tougher essay questions. I pray that I will be able to tell you within a week that they have been sent it.

In more boring news, we planted some herbs and tomato plants, which I am very excited about!


In His Peace,


3 thoughts on “Where’s the Cheese?

  1. Ashley Buchheit

    Lauren, you are so funny! I love reading your stories…I hope the cheese is found before it reaches the point where you really never want to find it! 🙂 I feel like our trip to Oinkster’s inspired #1. Glad to have contributed to your count down! Looking forward to seeing you both soon!

  2. Gangy

    We just had supper with your sweet parents. Pa & I took Gi Gi with us & we all ate at 5 Guys. It is always fun meeting them for a meal. It gives us time to sit & just talk. We got a lot of rain yesterday evening & last night. We will miss you both at our annual Easter Egg Hunt this coming Saturday. Mom said you would be calling to talk to all of us. I can’t wait. Gi Gi said Hello & she is so glad you are having a good time. We all want to know if you found the cheese. If you have not found it by now it will soon let you know where it is by the smell.
    We all love & miss you both.

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