To Georgia Already?

Hey Everyone,

I am pleased to announce that we have submitted our AIM applications!

We sent them in about 11 pm on Sunday and when we woke up we had an email from them inviting us to come to pre-field orientation on May 14-18th, and we must RSVP by next Tuesday. Oh, how the Lord works quickly! That does not mean we are officially accepted yet but because we have been talking with them and they have gotten to know us some, we are allowed to come in May.

Throughout the day yesterday, we were researching how to do this and if the timing will work. AIM only has two of these a year, May and October and so it is important for us to come to one this year to continue moving the process along and start fundraising. Looking at Jeff’s class schedule May is the best time right now.

We are now in the process of figuring out funds to buy plane tickets, but we know the Lord will provide! He obviously has this under control; there was no possibility of us planning for this trip at this speed. We, unfortunately, will not be able to see many friends during this trip because we have to get back quickly for work and school.

We ask that you join us in prayer for:

1. The Conference – Please be praying for AIM staff, that what knowledge the Lord has for all those present would be expressed, that God would bring those to the conference that He desires to be there, and that we would come with open minds and listening ears.

2. Travel – safety, that our bags arrive, there be no delays, and that God would provide the finances for the tickets.

3. Scheduling – that both professors and the families that we are working with are understanding and supportive.

I cannot get over the speed of God’s timing right now, sometimes it feels like we are in such a waiting period and then he suddenly turns it into an autobahn. I am so excited about getting to join in the fun this time, and not have to take Jeff to the airport to go to orientation, but to be able to go and learn too!

His timing is perfect and everything is for His Glory. We pray that our lives bring Him Glory! I hope to say this to God, just as Christ did:

“For you granted him [Jesus] authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. I have brought you glory on Earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” John 17: 1-4

We hope you have a joyous Easter!

Lauren & Jeff

3 thoughts on “To Georgia Already?

  1. I am SO excited to see yall in May!! Hopefully I will have a chance to sneak you both out to show you Gainesville, and I cook ya a nice meal while you’re here! I know that the long term staff is so excited to have you as well. YAY! I am praying for smooth traveling, funds to come in for flights, peace of mind as this is happening quickly and most importantly, that your hearts and minds are open for the Lord to use them during the teachings and special moments during the conference.


  2. Gangy

    Gangy & Pa will be happy to help out on such a wonderful opportunity. I know you are so excited and God has blessed you both by showing you that you are in His hands.

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