Weddings, Friends, and Family

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July, whether or not your American.

Jeff and I have been in Georgia for the last 12 days and it has been wonderful to see friends and family! I know it seems like we are constantly back and forth we feel the same but we are grateful to have been able to do so. We came back specifically for Carrie’s, Jeff’s sister, wedding. It was so beautiful and there was so much excitement in the atmosphere for the couple! Knowing we would be back for that Saturday, we decided to come early and see wonderful friends of ours, Lizzy and Luke, get married too! It was a blessing to spend some quality time with friends through out the week and know no matter how long we are gone, we can pick up like there was never any distance.

I was blessed this trip to see again how mission minded our families are too. It is great to see how much our parents and grandparents are still on fire for the Lord and actively sharing Christ with others.  Two my grandparents left on a mission trip to Wales while we were in Georgia, and I am so proud of them for going.  It was also great to spend time getting to know Jeff’s grandparents, and hearing how she continues to share the gospel with those in her community.  They are wonderful examples of being passionate for the Lord. And Bette and Paul are headed to Romania for another summer team trip on July 15th.  Even though they are exhausted from the wedding, they are consistent in hearing from the Lord and following His leading. It truly is a blessing to know we have such wonderful family behind us.

We were also able to continue our planning for Romania while we were here. One day we drove up to Gainesville and met our mentor/ director at the Adventures in Missions office. He met with us for maybe an hour and half just answering our questions about the budget and helping us move forward to finish it. We also had a meeting with Kevin Williams, a support raising coach, to help us know how to minister to our supporters and prepare ourselves for meeting with supporters and pastors. We were so encouraged, even after and entire afternoon of meetings. We left feeling like God really lead us to Adventures and feeling loved and supported by them. (How awesome is that!) We were also able to spend some quality time with another couple from orientation, about our age and stage of life, trying to go to India. We feel like they may be great friends during this journey!

This week we were able to meet with Pastor Joey from First Baptist Church, PTC and introduce ourselves. It was lovely to hear his heart and vision for the church. It was fun to find out that he had been a missionary in Europe for many years and had actually been in the other side of Romania for a trip. And of course it was great to see the other pastors at the church and catch up. We also had a meeting with the Mt. Bethel missions pastor, a long time mentor and friend of Jeff’s. It was great to explain more of what we feel called to do n Romania and asking how we can help him in his ministry at Mt. Bethel.

As for Fuller, Jeff is still in 2 online classes. He starts an intensive in a week, which means 8-5 in the classroom, and he has another class the beginning of August. I am still nannying with 2 families. My boys are 1 yr (26 lbs and 30 inches and walking), and 9 months (26 lbs and almost crawling). Needles to say, the are Big Boys!

It was nice to be back in Georgia for a while, but we are back in California and it feels nice to be in our own home. And I love the cool nights here. I think it says something, when the thing we missed most in California was our Church community group. We are stoked to see them today and tomorrow.

Ps. Sorry if you got a draft copy of this blog. I am not tech savvy and still learning how to do this. 🙂

Us in the Marietta Square enjoying the Fourth of July fireworks
Best Grandpa Ever playing Zumba!
Family Bonding at the Bowling Alley
We got named Alley Cat and Gutter Queen.
The Final Results! Can you guess who is who?

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