Quality Time

Well Jeff’s one week intensive class is over! He has been doing a great job staying on top of his school with semester, even with taking four classes. Thankfully he gets a week with just online classes before he has another intensive for two weeks. He is taking four classes this summer so that next summer he can be more flexible with his time and where we have to be located. Hopefully, we will be getting ready to move to Romania and either spending time with family and friends and in a training program for a month before we go.

I have had two strange weeks of work because Mr. W’s, one of my kids, grandparents were in town. Thankfully, God has provided odd jobs or more hours at my other job to help us out. But tomorrow it is back to a full day of work!

It has been tough lately, trying make sure we have time for us together. Last weekend was our first night apart and a full two days since being married. It was hard to be by ourselves for once and the worst part was going to church and our community group without Jeff. I know that may not sound like a lot of time, but we have a very flexible schedule and usually see each other a great deal during the day. But I feel that it has made our time together, as little as it may be, much more quality time. Less time means a short walk around the block to tell each other about our days and what’s been going on.

We are still marching on and enjoying the day as it comes! We are so ready for a vacation in August!

On another note, so one of Jeff’s assignments this week was to interview someone who has migrated to the U.S.A. to develop a plan to help people from that culture better transition. We interviewed Mr. W’s grandma, who is from Serbia and it was so interesting to hear her perspective coming into America. She said the hardest thing was not knowing the language when she came. *side note- she is awesome because she calls everyone cookie and has a Serbian/New York accent when she talks. Love it!* Another interesting thing we talked about was “when did New York start to feel like it was home?” She said it happened once they bought a house. She said investing in a piece of land and knowing that was theirs.

Jeff and I have had this conversation many times and again this week. Sometimes it is our church that makes Pasadena feel like home, other times it is the space in our house, and yet as I write this post there are still days that sting with homesickness for Georgia, or for Romania. Sometimes I have an overwhelming feeling of being in transition and other times I truley feel Pasadena is home for now. What makes something feel like home for you?

Thanks everyone for reading! Love you!

*ps. We are working on a newsletter to go out soon! If you want to be on the list, send us your address or your email at thecardells@gmail.com.

One thought on “Quality Time

  1. Bette

    People make a place feel like home to me. When I meet someone I know in the grocery store or somewhere in my travels, I feel like I am at home. What a blessing it is to know that no matter where we are, God’s presence can make anywhere feel like home! I love you both!

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