Learning Flexibility

Hi all,

Sorry I have not written in a while.

I have been searching for jobs and Jeff has had finals the past week. I had a phone interview 2 weeks ago and a 2nd interview with the family last week. I was told I have the job and I will start this week but I have yet to get a straight answer from them as to when I will start. ( Learning Flexibility)

Last week, my family that I have had part time for 10 months now, was preparing to move to a new house, thankfully not to far. So it has been nice/ a blessing to be out of work so that I could assist them. Saturday, Jeff and I had the joys of having their little boy, I’ll call him “Z”, come stay at our house ALL DAY! Jeff was not  so thrilled to have this happen the day after he had pulled an all nighter and written a 15 page paper and read 7 books the past 4 days, that’s nothing right. (Learning Flexibility) But we had a great time playing in the backyard, finger painting in a ziplock, and singing some songs with Jeff and his guitar. Z loved watching the ceiling fan too!

Jeff made up a really catchy song that Z loved to sing and dance to.

Sunday we took a day of rest and watched some movies and then went to Del Rey/ Venice beach. It was so nice to be in 80 degree weather, instead of 100, and the beach was not that crowded by the time we got there. It was such a relaxing time to have time to talk with each other besides one sentence blurbs before the other walked out the door or passed out on the bed.

Del Rey Pier
Sunset at the beach!

*Note: don’t go to Venice beach after dark, unless you are looking for pot, to get drunk, or to discover unique musicians playing near the trashcans. Also, I have a very active imagination and whenever I watch shows/movies, I become overly involved. We have been watching old reruns of Numbers( a show about murder and crimes in LA) probably not the best choice, and at the beach I was certain we were going to find a dead body. Later that night, walking away from the Venice boardwalk there was a man face down in the grass, looking quite dead. Jeff almost peed his pants because of what I said earlier,  Jeff then walked us around him and we heard the guy groan, thus we know he was really REALLY wasted by 8:30pm. Thankfully, Jeff and I got back to the car safe to return to our familiar helicopters in Pasadena.

This week is Welcome week for the new students and Jeff is working most of the events as co-president of his schools student government. Thankfully that means most our meals this week are supported by Fuller! ( Sometimes flexibility works in our favor!)

It is crazy to think that a year ago I was writing you about our experience at Welcome week and all the different events we participated in. It is also hard to believe that a year from now we will hopefully be in Romania. Jeff is now officially in his second/last year of his degree and next quarters’ classes start Monday!

Let us know if there is anything we can be praying for!


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