What we have learned from a year of marriage

Before I tell you what we have learned, let me update you.

This last week has been very interesting,busy, chaotic, crazy.

So…(deep breath) Monday, there was an accident at work with one of my kids. He is fine but unfortunately mom was not. We had a week of constant breakdown in tears and coming to the point of not feeling like she could trust anyone else with her child. She also said she didn’t like how I responded to the situation, by telling her he would be fine, gave her the impression that I didn’t care enough. She is so afraid for him to get hurt or cry and it makes me sad that she lives in such fear. I never want a child to get hurt either but they are kids and learning and it happens.

So by Friday they decided that they didn’t want to work with me anymore and thus, I lost my most regular nanny job. It makes me sad because I have seen this little boy grow from 7 weeks to 10 months, but I couldn’t have stayed in that type of situation much longer anyway if she could not have trusted me.  So the job search is back on…non profit job or another nanny job…I don’t know what God has planned during this time.

Tuesday, we had an amazing group of friends from our community group come over and help us fold, address, and stuff all of our newsletters. That was such a great help and it would have taken us forever to do that! On Thursday, Jeff took a Trader Joe’s bag full of letters the the post office!  (If you don’t get one and want to, email us and we will send a newsletter your way)

Getting everything for the letters and last week and then sending them out really made this next step in our lives Real! Well now with job hunting again, God is really asking how much do you trust me?  All weekend I have been reading over Matthew 10: 26-31 and remembering How dare I not trust the Lord, who feeds the birds, knows the hairs on my head, and promises to reveal in the right hour what we need.

Jeff has been amazingly supportive this past week and his reaction to this week really shows me how much we have grown together over the last year. He knows that sometimes he just needs to listen and let me cry and he has been a rock for me this week. I am so thankful for him!

So Friday after work, we drove down to San Diego to spend some time together away from crazy life (we didn’t realize how crazy when we booked the hotel) for our anniversary. It was so nice to have that time together. We were able to process the last week, reflect on the last year, and be excited about all the changes that will happen this year.

We reflected on our expectations and decided that we didn’t expect all of the smells(haha) or how much time you really spend together and how much you do need to have certain time apart. We are also amazed at the growth in our relationship with one another. When we started our marriage, it was very obvious that we communicated differently under stress. When I am angry I need to take some time to cool down or I continue to get upset, but Jeff wants to talk about it right then and there to clear the air. He has learned to give me time and I have learned how to express when I need to step away for a minute.

We are also amazed by the growth in our relationship with the Lord. Marriage is truly about making each other holier and pushing each other towards God. Our prayer life, devotional times, and trust in the Lord has grown immensely because we live with our accountability partner and see everything the other is doing (motive, action, thought process).  Marriage is a great meter for how self serving we can be.  You don’t realize how selfish we are until you have to think about someone else’s needs 24/7. I know we are just learning and all you parents and 10+ year married people are rolling your eyes…we know we are touching the iceberg of this lesson. It is just so awesome of a lesson to learn!

Here are pics from San Diego!

Happy 1st Anniversary!
Haha! Growling!
At the Coronado Island beach
Driving back over the bridge from the island
On the way home we drove up the 1, the freeway that goes up the coast, and we stopped at Oceanside to see the World BodySurfing Competition.
Pacific Ocean is so COLD!
We have been having a heat wave so you can see how many people were out
At Oceanside
Bodysurfing! It seemed much harder than it sounds and this was the 55-65 bracket.

All of the fishermen at the pier. Jeff took most of these pictures and I really like this one!
This guy was hanging at the Pier and posing for pics.
Someone caught a Stingray! It was cool to see the barb on it and his mouth.
The pier at the competition.
Jeff and I were waiting for our awesome fish tacos.
I couldn’t resist this face!
Our yummy lunch but the fish taco was eaten before I remember to get a pic.

Yay for sunshine and no cold basement at the library!

It is amazing how quickly the nice ocean view turns back to a desert.
Then after we left Oceanside we detoured to Laguna!
There are these beautiful rocks that the waves break on.
Waves at Laguna
Jeff led us in bible study while we were at the beach. Very refreshing for us spiritually, physically, and emotionally.
Looking forward to the next year together!

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