One Month in Georgia

We made it. The suitcases got packed and the house got cleaned. The books were shipped and all the furniture was sold. The past week, I have gotten the question, “how are you feeling?”. Honestly, it was an entire week of an adrenaline rush. We celebrated graduations and birthdays. We said goodbye to friends, our California family, to our first house together, and to our church. How many emotions can one body feel at a time?  I had obviously hit my limit because I shut down. The adrenaline pushed me through each day and my “to do” list kept me busy. I could smile and enjoy the moment without actually having to absorb the emotions that were coming with it. I believe this feeling is familiar to the one that you feel during your wedding reception.  Psychologists would have diagnosed it as denial.

As we were leaving Pasadena, I slowly felt the draining of adrenaline. The flashbacks of driving into Pasadena with our car packed to the brim started to run through my mind. As we are settling in here, I feel the emotional dam I had created is starting to show leaks. At the moment we are feeling a little homeless. I am afraid of the moment it all comes crashing down, or maybe I should be afraid for Jeff, as I have to face the goodbyes and the new beginnings about to happen. I know after the emotions are dealt with, then the excitement about this journey will return. The past few days have been filled with ups and downs of missing California and being excited to be back in Georgia.

We are so grateful to all of our friends in California! We could not have done it all without you. From helping us sell everything, giving us rides, letting us borrow your car at times, helping us talk through the emotions, making time for us, feeding us, helping us ship boxes, helping us pack our suitcases till 1am, helping us clean our house, and giving us a ride to the airport. We could never fully express our gratitude for you and what you have done for us!

Here are pictures from Fuller’s Graduation Banquet, Graduation, and our Pasadena Farewell Celebration Party.

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