Starting to Pack!

Here are some updated pictures of our life right now!



We built our Ikea bed in the room, which means we had to break it down to get it out of the room to sell it.



Yard sale items starting to collect. Yard sale on Saturday! Please pray everything sells!

DSC_0099 (1)

We have had many of these come by the house but we dont usually see them, just smell them. This guy is a little braver and has decided to live in nearby bushes.


Next step of packing process started: going through the closet and throwing out/ donating old clothes. Goodbye Tshirts from high school, clothes we were going to “fit back into”, and hole filled jeans.


It’s all a bit overwhelming…. but we are getting there. Winter and fall clothes packed in 3/4 a suitcase so I think we should be fine on space. Please be praying for the Yard Sale on Saturday and that everything would sell and for Jeff as he starts 2 online classes on Monday. After these classes, he will be completely done at Fuller.

I thought I would share this with you too. Jeff has never heard this song before but I learned it in kindergarten. I find it hilarious and it is kind of a good depiction of what our marriage looks like some days.

2 thoughts on “Starting to Pack!

  1. Gangy & Pa

    Sweetheart we have been praying for you both. We know it is difficult having to get rid of so many things. The sell on Sat. will be very productive and will bring in a lot of money. We love you both and can’t wait to see you.
    All our love,
    Gangy & Pa

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