Remembering Two Years Ago


I am having a coke to help with jet lag, trying to stay awake on day 1.
I am having a coke to help with jet lag, trying to stay awake on day 1.

As we came upon celebrating 2 years here in Romania (Nov. 20), I was looking through my old journal entries around that time. I specifically remember my mom telling me to write it down so I would remember what I was feeling during that time of transition.  So I found my entry from our first day here pretty funny and I thought I would share it with you.

Day 1 in Timisoara                                                                                      11/21/13

Emotions: Overwhelmed, voiceless because I can’t understand or speak the language yet, excited, anxious, nervous, exhausted, very surreal. Physically, I feel a train has run over my body which Jeff says is jet lag. I am a little worried about money and having enough and being able to get enough out with out a lot of penalties (When we arrived, we discovered the bank we planned on using had closed). I am glad Jeff is with me and I feel less eager to be on my own like I did in December (2010) when I came to meet Jeff. Love, engagement, etc., creates a lot of energy that I didn’t account for. My goal for today: walk the city and get a handle on what needs to be done here. and don’t cry.

Enjoying some tea while working on my Romanian homework. Day 706 in Romania
Enjoying some tea while working on my Romanian homework. Day 706 in Romania

And now,  we have been here for 2 years and it continues to feel more and more like home. If I am completely honest with you, I think I am still trying to figure out if I am ok with that feeling. I never imagined I would live here, but I know this country and its’ people are being sown into my heart. I am so glad and thankful that the Lord has continued to provide for us. We have a wonderful community around us, I can understand more of the language, I can get around the city, and God continues to provide support for us here.


Another Cultural Learner

4 thoughts on “Remembering Two Years Ago

  1. You are a daughter of one nation, God’s nation, which knows no boundaries, which is drawn on the map of our hearts not with ink but with love. You are the daughter of a much greater nation than the United States or Romania and your home is and will be where God calls you to be. May he bless you for heeding His call.
    Don and Nancy Taylor

  2. Winifred Brown

    Hi Dear ! We rc’d your lovely Christmas Card Ornament and it’s hanging on our tree !!! Tussen Takkk !!!( Norge ) We completely understand your feelings i.e. with absorbing the culture and love for those you’re serving. Have a Blessed Christmas and our deepest Love to you and Jeff !! See you next year !!! XXXOOO Nana and Da

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