A Little About My Favorite Person

My favorite person, is my best friend, is my husband.

Jeff had a birthday on Monday and unfortunately he started his next two week intensive class that day too. But we celebrated the Thursday before with a dinner and a movie date.

Then as tradition in my family, you pick whatever meal you want and what ever cakes you want, and you get it. So Jeff picked his favorite tortellini soup, which I have told you about on a previous post. And we got to share our favorite chocolate eclair cake dessert with our community group on Monday. Although, I think it might have been too sweet for some of these Californians. 🙂

Here is that amazing recipe:
1 box graham crackers
2 small pkg. French vanilla instant pudding mix
1C confectioner’s sugar
3C milk
1 12oz. Cool Whip

Line bottom of 9 x 13 pan with crackers. Add sugar to pudding mix. Make pudding using 3 cups of milk. Fold Cool Whip into pudding. Spread half of mixture over layer of crackers. Add another layer of crackers. Then, put on other half of mixture. Then, another layer of crackers.


3C confectioner’s sugar. Add 4T cocoa. Set aside.
Cream 1 stick margarine. Add sugar mixture gradually. Add 2t vanilla and ¼C milk. Spread onto last layer of crackers. Then refrigerate over night.

So, since he is my favorite person, I am going to tell you some fun facts about Jeff.

– he doesn’t like to wear a shirt during the day but must have one at night.
– he must have a full water bottle by the bed when he sleeps.
– he likes to listen to Romanian techno music.
– he has the most caring/loyal heart for people and most of you do not know how much he cares for you.
– he has lessons and teaches me how to be a better friend. Ex. “see Lauren, that would be something good to text them.”
– he practices Romanian in the shower with himself. ( Love you honey!)

We also have wonderfully amusing conversations:
(at the dinner table)
Me: Jeff, slow down. Your inhaling your food again.
Jeff: maybe you eat slow.
Me: you aren’t even chewing.
Jeff: yes I am. See. ( takes a piece of pasta and chews twice)
Me: ( take a piece and counts) see that took me 15 times.
Jeff: ( he takes one and then for several minute pretends to chew and continues to run his tounge around in his mouth and teeth.)
Me: what are you doing?
Jeff: cleaning my teeth, that’s what you do right? Because there is no possible way for you to chew that long with out cleaning your teeth after every bite. ( showing his cheesy smile)

We also had a conversation on our walk last night about who could sound more like a real cat when meowing! and then we practiced!

Yep! My husband is awesome and so much fun to be with! Jeff Cardell, I love you so much and our silliness together. I am so excited for our lives together! It will never, and has yet to be, dull.

With Love,

Your Wife

4 thoughts on “A Little About My Favorite Person

  1. Ieri a fost ziua orasului Timisoara. Concerte peste tot, filme in aer liber, fanfara militara in Piata Unirii si Libertatii si o gramada de activitati interesante peste tot in oras. Deseara mergem si noi la film, in parcul Rozelor. Va tinem un loc? (Translate that!)

  2. Lauren it is wonderful that you feel this way about Jeff. I must say that after 55 years, my best friend is my husband, your gp. I’m so glad that you two are so happy. I plan to try your receipe. It sounds delicious. Luv GM

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