Hi Yall,

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day! Jeff and I went to a Malibu beach and met up with our church community there. It was a great time to catch up with friends and relax.

Alas, relaxation is over now and Jeff is working as hard as the ant storing up for the winter, and it is T-minus 2.5 weeks till the end of this quarter!

As well, my sweet little boy, whom I have watched for a year and a half, has moved. We helped them move out Saturday, but I did good not to have a horrible breakdown of “DON’T TAKE MY LITTLE BOY!” until later that night. Please keep them in your prayers as they transition to a new place. And Thursday was my last full time day with my little girl that I have been caring for. She had surgery yesterday to remove a birthmark and will have a long recovery period. Her mom told me she is doing well and wants to play already. But please keep her, and her mom and dad, in your prayers too. I am sure it is never easy to have your little baby have surgery.

So, if you know me, you know I am a workaholic. It probably helps that I love what I do. But I love to keep busy and feel productive. So this “no work” thing will be interesting for a month. Every store we enter I ask Jeff if I should apply for the month…He rolls his eyes and says no. I keep having a line from I Love Lucy run through my head, she is faking amnesia and she says, “Oh, who am I, what am I, where am I?”

So this is day 2 of no jobs and, well, packing the house has become my new project. We have all of the books in piles to sell or to keep and then keep are sorted by purpose: discipleship, churches, leadership, spiritual warfare, etc… (I told you before I am type A right?) Here are some unseemly photos of our house right now. We invite you into our chaos that I have created!



Thanks for all of your prayers in these transitions and a newsletter will be coming soon. It’s on my list *wink wink


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