We sold a family member today…

We sold Betsy today! Crazy! We are still having an adrenaline rush and we are a little sad. Betsy has been in the family for a long time and she got us across the country safely 2 yrs ago. We have 3 weeks left here in California and this just made it real! After we caught our breath I had to do the “we are going to Romania” dance. Jeff has one more week of Finals before this quarter is over so please please be praying for focus, energy, and full sentences.

Betsy loaded up ready for our trip to California!
Betsy loaded up ready for our trip to California!

3 thoughts on “We sold a family member today…

  1. Bette Cardell

    Breathing with you and imagining the going to Romania dance!!! You must post that in video format!!! Love you both and thankful that God used Betsy to keep y’all safe and get you where you need to go!!! Hugs!

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